Rebranding. Rebuilding.

Okanagan-based photographer, David McIlvride, documented the arrival of Executive Chef Murray McDonald, as the chef began to put his stamp on The Bear, The Fish, The Root and The Berry, the new restaurant at Spirit Ridge.


Winter shook for the last time, laying a fresh blanket of snow across the landscape, as I drove up the drive leading to Spirit Ridge Lake Resort, Winery & Sacred Land. Long, sleeping vines took my eye up to the resort, as the dramatic Okanagan Range, part of the Cascade Mountains, surround the luxury property. Situated in Canada’s only desert, this is a sacred place, home to the Osoyoos Indian Band.

I travelled here, a high-end destination that is the first property in Canada to join the Unbound Collection by Hyatt, to document Chef Murray McDonald, as he begins to rebuild, renew and re-focus the resort’s main restaurant.

Chef McDonald comes most recently from the Ritz-Carlton in Toronto where he served as Executive Chef. He speaks passionately about his food philosophy.

“My culinary journey has taken me around the world and back again, cooking cuisines from many different countries and its people.”

An affable man, with hair tied up and large tatooed arms crossed, he stood in the kitchen surveying his new home and vowed to stay true to his roots and honour the people who first lived on this land.