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During these unprecedented times, we have seen a lot of changes to the restaurant industry and other parts of our everyday lives.  Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has always been our position to follow the advice of the professionals who work with our local health authority for the best way to care for the safety of our staff and our guests.  Following their advice, we have made changes to the way we operate our restaurant for our mutual protection.  While we realize things will be different than what you have become accustomed to at our restaurant, some things will remain the same like the genuine care for our customers from our service team and a culture of culinary excellence from our kitchen team.  If you should have any questions about some of the changes in our restaurant, please feel free to direct them towards one of our restaurant leaders. 

Below are some of the things you can expect to see differently when dining at our restaurant:

  • Table sizes will be a maximum of 6 people.  If you have a party larger than 6 people, you will need to sit at 2 tables.  We cannot allow tables to be pushed together or guests to travel from table to table.
  • To practice social distancing, we are following the mandate of the Provincial Health Office of British Columbia of keeping diners 2 meters apart.
  • All patrons over the age of 2 dining at the restaurant will be required to wear a mask until they are seated at their table.  Patrons moving around the restaurant, including using the facilities, will need to be wearing a mask.  If you forget to bring one, one will be provided to you.
  • We have added additional hand sanitizer stations for the use of our staff and our guests in the restaurant.
  • We have removed all of the stools at the bar area to keep in line with social distancing requirements.  Service will be at tables only.
  • We have reviewed and increased our cleaning protocols within the restaurant and kitchen area.
  • We have modified our entrance area to better promote social distancing for those waiting for a table.
  • When you arrive at your table, you will notice no items on the table.  This is to ensure they remain sanitized until we bring them to you.
  • In order to reduce common touch points, our service team will be leaving any requested water and wine on the table for you to refill as needed.
  • For larger parties, the service team may ask for assistance in passing some plates down to the other diners so that we may keep our distance.

We realized this is different than what you have come to expect in the past and we will continue to update our policies as we receive updated recommendations from the local health authority. 

Thank you in advance for your understanding.